About the Company

 Dumas {Doo-maa} Production Group is an Oklahoma City-based event company who is all about showcasing the incredible dining and social scenes that we have in our home state! The founder organizes events to serve as a center of social fun for locals & tourists visiting the beautiful state of Oklahoma. Dumas Production Group aims to support local restaurants & businesses by connecting the public with experiences they have never tried before with event production in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

Get to Know Us!



Meet Kyndra, the founder of Dumas Production Group. Her love for local businesses in Oklahoma inspired her to start her own event production company.  She's started several "side hustles" throughout her life like skin care products, catering events, and line dancing for senior citizens in wheelchairs. She is known for her talent to organize and create unique experiences around Oklahoma City. She has found a love for building something from the ground up and is excited to produce events around Oklahoma!

When she is not working on her business you can catch her at one of her favorite local restaurants, hanging out with her hubby & cat, or planning her next vacation!